May 2023 Update

Jared Mitcham // Updates


May 1  

This month we are trying something new. Joshua helped me put a slideshow together that I could narrate and give you some updates on life here in Puebla. I'll link the video at the bottom. 

We continue to go to language school daily and we're excited that we're making progress. Amy and I both have our OLI exams, which is a tool the IMB uses to measure our progress in language. We are praying that Amy will be able to test out of language school at the end of the month.

The kids continue to do well adjusting to life here in Puebla and we're all starting to feel more comfortable making relationships with people. We've asked you to pray that we'd get to know people in our church better, and God is answering your prayers. 

It's been encouraging to see the progress we are making in language. The language barrier has been one of the biggest hindrances to building relationships and getting more involved in church. So we're hoping and praying that as we continue to make progress in language, we'll also increase in our ability to minister locally.

Here are some prayer requests for the upcoming month.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that we would continue to improve in language and this in turn would lead to deeper relationships and more effective opportunities for ministry.
  • Pray for Amy to be able to test out of language school this month.
  • Pray that everyone would stay healthy.
  • Pray for a possible opportunity to lead a micro-business workshop later this year. Jared is attempting to coordinate this for our local church.
  • Pray that our team in Colombia would be able to get visas for us without problems. There were recently changes in Colombia and they are no longer issuing religious visas. 
    • Thank you Rob and Tina! It’s definitely a challenging adventure. We have our OLI exams soon, so you can be praying that we do well.

  • Great video! Looks like y’all are adjusting to Mexico. Praying for your language progress— I so feel your pain.. I wanted so badly to be able to communicate to share God’s word… We love y’all! ♥️

    • Glad you liked the video. Yes, language is painful sometimes, but we are making progress poco a poco.

    • Hi Joe. It just means our company is having to figure out how to adjust. If we can’t get a visa to Colombia, then we have other options. Our job isn’t limited to a specific geographic region. We’ll try to keep you informed more as we learn more. But we definitely ask for prayers for our company as they figure out what to do.

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