Our Living God Provides Amidst the Day of the Dead

Jared Mitcham // Updates


October 14  

In the heart of Puebla, Mexico, as streets come alive with vibrant colors, marigolds, and altars for the Day of the Dead, we are reminded of the stark contrast between commemorating the departed and celebrating the abundant provisions of our living God.

Life-Giving Support From Florida

The Day of the Dead serves to remember loved ones no longer with us. Yet, in this backdrop of remembrance, we experienced firsthand the living provisions of God. This past month we felt worried because we needed to gather a lot of official documents from the US government to prepare for our move to Peru. But with us living in Mexico, it's impossible for us to physically gather the forms.

So we prayed and reached out to pastor Ethan Crowder from Central Church in Sanford FL, to ask if the church would be willing to help. Without hesitation, he offered to do whatever necessary to ensure we got what we needed.

And the church came through for us! Their help included two 5-hour road trips to Tallahassee and lots of money on postage. But after a month of coordination, they've taken care of everything we needed and our documents are ready to go! Thank you Central Church for life-giving support. 

Sharing The Living Word

While Mexico prepares to recount tales of the departed, we've been fervently working to spread stories of hope, faith, and God's love. From Jared's house visits to share the living Word of God to Amy's spirited engagement in children's ministry, every moment has been a testament to the life-affirming power of God's Word. As November approaches, we're eager to launch a digital engagement outreach, hoping to sow seeds of the gospel that brings life in the midst of season which emphasizes death.

Celebrating Life As A Family

As families come together to remember their ancestors, we celebrated the joys of the present. Joshua's exciting Xbox soccer tournament and Elizabeth's Olympics-themed birthday parties brought friends and families together, reminding us of the joys of living. Our adventure to Africam Safari was yet another reminder of the beauty of life that surrounds us.

Lastly, Amy and the children will be visiting Virginia soon for a homeschooling conference. The kids had to create a science project for the event and they'll also be participating in a talent show. You can take a look at a maze Joshua created by following an online web developer tutorial (with a little help from dad). 

Thank you for your continued support for our family. We ask that you please lift our family up this month in the following ways.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safe travels for Amy and the kids as the visit Virginia and for good health.
  • Pray for the weekly community outreach we participate in through our local church.
  • Pray for the upcoming digital engagement campaign Jared will be organizing through our church.
  • Pray for Jared's upcoming language exam on November 9. Our pray is that he will reach Advanced High.
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