Gathering To Scatter

Jared Mitcham // Updates


November 26  

The past 5 weeks have been a blessing and a blur. We're participating in what's called Field Personnel Orientation (FPO). FPO takes 7 weeks in total and we just finished week 5. Only 2 weeks left before we come home for a brief period before moving to Mexico for language school.

Each day (Monday through Friday) the adults attend training sessions where we learn about the missionary task. Meanwhile, the kids attend their own classes where they learn a kid-friendly version of the missionary task. They have enjoyed learning about different cultures and how they can make friends with people in their host culture.

We've made lots of friends here and have had wonderful times of worship as we prepare to share the gospel and plant churches in places all over the world.

One of the first things we learned was how to map a community and find the places where people gather. We practiced mapping our local community. Then we went out and shared the gospel in our assigned area.

One of the special blessings from God is just how much the kids have enjoyed spending time here at FPO. The staff here have done everything possible to ensure our kids have a wonderful time. The kids love going to school and we've had some extra activities planned for Thanksgiving.

Just last week there was a talent show, which Joshua and Elizabeth participated in. Joshua won first place for performing a Star Wars themed piano song and lightsaber battle with one of the other younger kids. Elizabeth won third place for singing "How Far I'll Go" while dad played the guitar.

One of the biggest blessings of FPO is being around other missionaries. We've really enjoyed hearing everyone's stories of how they were saved and how they were called to missions. I can't imagine a better group of people for our kids to see as examples of faith and obedience.

God has been teaching us all to be more and more dependent on Him. As we prepare to move overseas and participate on the work God has for us to do, we know we can't go in our own strength.

What's Next?

FPO will end on December 10. We'll spend a brief 2 weeks visiting family and packing before we move to Mexico for language school. 

We ask that you please pray for our transitions. Our kids have done extremely well with moving so far (praise God). But our next move will be a lot bigger since we'll be in Mexico. Pray that God would strengthen the faith of our kids just as much as ours during this process. Pray that we'll finish our time well here and be able to say goodbye well to our family.

  • This is Darlene from your former “Sunday School” at Central. I have been praying for you guys so it was such a blessing to read of how things have been going for you! God is so faithful! Keep trusting Him!
    Will be praying much for the things you mentioned.
    Lord bless!

  • I’m so filled with joy in reading what’s happening in you and your whole family. I know God has so many things in store for you all. I love you guys and will of course pray often for your success and safety.

  • Thank you for sharing words snd pictures of how God is preparing all of you for the task He has prepared for you. ❤️ I will continue to pray for you guys and the work ahead.

    • Hi Lori! Thank you for reminding us of this important truth. We are thankful God is going with us! Thank you for your support and prayers.

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