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September 21  

Our very first public event as IMB missionaries will take place on Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00pm EST. We are extremely blessed to have Pastor Ethan Crowder and Pastor Alan Brumback both attending the Sending Celebration in person in Virginia.

Pastor Alan was my senior pastor at Central Church in Sanford, Florida where I served as a children's pastor for several years. He is currently the pastor of First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida. Pastor Alan is also a trustee with the IMB and has been extremely helpful during the entire application process.

Pastor Ethan is the current senior pastor of Central Church in Sanford, Florida and as our sending church, he has also been very supportive. He began serving as senior pastor as we started the application process with the IMB. 

It's a real honor to have both of these men present at our Sending Celebration and we've been blessed by their support so far.

How To Watch Online

We know that you won't be able to attend in person, but you can still be present online. The Sending Celebration is a moving event where you'll get to see missionaries who are going to be serving in all kinds of places around the world. 

Each missionary unit will be asked to share a brief testimony of their call and where they'll be serving. I'm not sure how many couples will be presented at this celebration, but our time will be brief. I wish I could tell you at what point we will be presented, but I think you'll be blessed by watching the entire celebration.

You will have 3 options of how to watch.

IMB Website

Watch the Sending Celebration on the IMB's own website.

IMB Facebook Page

Watch the Sending Celebration on the IMB's Facebook Page

IMB Mobile App

Watch the Sending Celebration on the IMB's mobile app

  • So excited to watch this special time and such a blessing for you two for Pastor Alan and Pastor Ethan to be present. Continuing love and prayers.

    • Hurricane Ian had different plans for Alan and Ethan unfortunately, but we were so happy to see everyone who tuned in online to support us. Thank you!

  • We are celebrating with what God is doing in your lives. Honored to have spent time with you here in Sanford. Praying for all of you to be well and have fun along the way.
    Doris & Gale Bandy
    ps… so glad our two favorite pastors will be able to be there with you all on Sept 28th.

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